•  Lake Shore Cryotronics (stand 6)
  •  TeraView (stand 7)
  •  Laser Quantum (stand 10)
  •  Toptica Photonics (stand 3)
  •  MenloSystems (stand 9)
  • Tydex (stand 2)
  •  Neaspec (stand 4)
  •  Zurich Instruments (stand 1)
  •  Newport Corporation (stand 5)

Floor plan


Lake Shore Cryotronics


Lake Shore Cryotronics is a leading provider of platforms for innovation-stage material and device characterization. Among these is the 8500 Series THz material characterization system, a fully integrated spectroscopic system for non-contact characterization of materials across a wide range of frequencies, temperatures, and field strengths.


Laser Quantum


Laser Quantum is a world-class manufacturer of revolutionary solid-state and ultrafast lasers. Our products lead the industry in performance specifications, reliability, compactness and operational lifetime. You will find Laser Quantum lasers used in laboratories and integrated in systems and machines worldwide. Our lasers are helping scientists to break new ground in many applications ranging from attosecond physics to forensics and genomics.




Excitement is not measureable. Light is. Menlo Systems, a leading developer and global supplier of instrumentation for high-precision metrology, was founded in 2001. Known for the Nobel Prize-winning optical frequency comb technology, the company offers complete solutions based on ultrafast lasers and synchronization electronics. Applications for our products and solutions span from research laboratories to truly industrial tasks.




neaspec is dedicated to delivering innovative nanoscale optical solutions for researchers in industry and academic institutions.
Our neaSNOM near-field microscope is the ultimate nanoanalytic microscopy platform for material research and photonic applications enabling nanoscale imaging and spectroscopy with a spatial resolution of 10 nanometer - from the visible down to the THz spectral range.



Newport Corporation


Newport Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of MKS Instruments, Inc. , is a leading global supplier of advanced technology products and systems to customers in the scientific research, microelectronics, life and health sciences, industrial manufacturing and defense/security markets
Spectra-Physics is singularly focused on helping its customers use precision laser technologies to advance leading-edge science and propel industries forward.
Ophir Optronics is a global leader in precision infrared optics, photonics instrumentation and 3D non-contact measurement equipment.





TeraView is the world’s first and leading company solely focused upon the application of terahertz light to provide solutions to customer issues. A spin out from the Toshiba Corporation and Cambridge University, TeraView has developed its proprietary technology across a number of markets. These include fault analysis and quality assurance for semiconductor chips used in mobile computing and communications, as well as non destructive inspection of high value coatings used in the automotive, pharmaceutical, food and solar industries.


Toptica Photonics


TOPTICA provides complete systems and components for both time-domain and frequency-domain terahertz generation. For time-domain applications, the TeraFlash sets new standards in terms of dynamic range, bandwidth and measurement speed. Combining TOPTICA’s FemtoFiber smart laser technology with state-of-the-art InGaAs antennas, the system achieves a peak dynamic range of more than 90 dB and a bandwidth greater than 5 THz.

For researchers working with GaAs-based photoconductive switches or with organic-crystal emitters, TOPTICA offers a variety of ultrafast fiber lasers, all of which come with superior specifications. Owing to the use of robust saturable absorber mirror technology for mode-locking, all lasers offer turnkey operation and do not require any mechanical alignment.

For frequency-domain terahertz spectroscopy, TOPTICA offers two "TopSeller" systems – TeraScan 1550 and TeraScan 780. Based on precisely tunable DFB lasers, digital control electronics, and latest InGaAs and InGaAs photomixer technology, the TeraScan systems combine ease of use with best-in-class specifications.




Tydex specializes in custom manufacturing of optical components and instruments for research and the industry, including spectroscopy, pyrometry and thermography, THz photonics, sensors and detectors, metrology, lasers, and more. Application wavelengths range from DUV to VIS, NIR, MIR, and MM waves (THz). Our R&D department develops THz components, devices and instruments which are then produced in-house.



Zurich Instruments


Zurich Instruments is a technology leader developing and selling advanced test & measurement instruments for dynamic signal analysis. These devices are used in many fields of application by high-technology research laboratories and industrial development sites.

Zurich Instruments' vision is to revolutionize instrumentation in the high-frequency (HF) and ultra-high-frequency (UHF) range by incorporating the latest analog and digital technology into powerful measurement systems for unprecedented functionality.

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